Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Chandigarh

Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Chandigarh – English has become the need of the hour to achieve her dreams in any field. The demand of any organization in the world is fluent in the English language as it acts as an interaction between any two individuals.

For decades, IELTS and TOEFL have been common names in English language test-takers. By comparison, the PTE exam is a new entry. Nevertheless, it has quickly become a powerful alternative, capable of accurately testing language skills using the latest technologies. PTE’s unique design, delivery and scoring methods benefit candidates and universities and institutions.

Thus, to build one’s career abroad, one has to pass certain aptitude tests which confirm one’s knowledge in English education. Below are the Top 5 coaching centres for PTE coaching in Chandigarh.

Here are the best Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Chandigarh

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1st out of Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Chandigarh

Dolphin Head Hunters

Dolphin Head Hunters are the best platform for results-oriented PTE academic and general training in Chandigarh. They have a specially equipped computer lab for PTE coaching and the best part is that each student gets a personal PC for PTE coaching. They help students take a real-life test and ensure that they are ready to take the test online. Students can join a batch at their convenience of time. All 4 mediums – reading, writing, speaking and listening are taught in such a way that a student is able to get good marks in the overall PTE exam.

Contact Details of Dolphin Head Hunters

Address: SCO 85-85, 2nd Floor, Sector 34-A, Chandigarh, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: 9780754465, 0172-4005567.

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2nd out of Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Chandigarh

The English Council

The English Council Chandigarh is an institution where the highest level of education is imparted. This PTE Learning Center offers a comprehensive overview of PTE education. After excellent computer labs ranging from PTE essays to grammar tests, this coaching centre is the best. PTE test series, college selection, eligibility criteria, and country availability are all services available here. In addition, assuring their faculty members and services to Canada, New Zealand and Australia. All in one with a professional approach and customized PTE solutions provided here.

Contact Details of The English Council

Address: SCO. 439-440, Second Floor above SBI Bank, Sector 35-C, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 160022

Business Phone Number: +91 9216921610, +91 172 5002200


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3rd out of Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Chandigarh

Oxford Academy by Sunland

Oxford Academy is a sister concern company Sunland and has got a fully-fledged PTE coaching centre in Chandigarh. PTE’s coaching fee for 1 month is Rs. 10,000 while a student wants to do PTE for 2 months from Rs. 18,000 is charged. If you feel that you need more practice on computers before taking the live exam, you can enrol in a PTE course at Oxford Academy for 3 months at Rs. 25,000.

The best thing about this PTE Coaching Institute in Chandigarh is that they have excellent computer labs with trained and experienced faculty. Every Saturday, mock tests are conducted in an environment similar to the actual PTE exam. Small batches, equipped labs and flexible time are other plus points for admission in PTE at Oxford Academy, Chandigarh.

Contact Details of Oxford Academy by Sunland

Address: SCO 260, level 2, Near Nirman Cinema, Sector 32, Chandigarh, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: 9855158431, 9814375120, 9814610782

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4th out of Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Chandigarh


MasterPrep Institute of Excellence, this PTE Coaching Center is excellent in PTE preparation. Run by a team of top faculty, the PTE Center offers excellent academic courses. In addition to fulfilling the required language proficiency at the international level. One of the leading PTE coaching classes in Chandigarh, Masterprep provides a conducive environment for fruitful learning. In addition, their study courses are tailored to the criteria for PTE, IELTS and TOEFL exams. Student Friendly Center and Structural Training in Chandigarh have all these PTE coaching classes.

Contact Details of MasterPrep

Address: SCO 83-84, Above united bank of India, Sector 17-D, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 160017

Business Phone Number: 1800 137 5499

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5th out of Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Chandigarh

Western OverseasZZ


Western Overseas was established in 2004, a trusted and committed coaching PTE centre in Tricity. This PTE coaching class in Chandigarh has a friendly teaching staff and is also young and strong. English has been a key element of these international aptitude tests. Similarly, purposeful and practical training is the centre of this coaching centre. Western Overseas has strong vocabulary builder and phrase builder exercises for PTE students. Another rich methodology is their writing and listening techniques.

Contact Details of Western Overseas

Address: SC0: 441-442,2nd Floor, Above Nik Baker’s, Sector 35-C, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 160035

Business Phone Number: 090412 33388

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What is PTE?

The PTE (Pearson Test of English) is an English language proficiency test used as an eligibility criterion for admission to universities around the world. There are two formats of PTE: PTE Academic Test and PTE General Test. Many applicants also take the PTE test for the Australian immigration process.

What sets PTE apart from other English language proficiency tests is its scoring skills and results. PTE announces results in a much shorter period of time than its closest competitors IELTS and TOEFL. As the scoring for PTE tests is compressed, the results are much more accurate and faster than other tests. This PTE test is a favourite among students who are in a hurry.

Another advantage of PTE is that the computer-based exam focuses more on everyday English use than high level, complex English. It has a multi-level grading system, which provides a more accurate assessment of the student’s proficiency in the English language.

What is the qualification for PTE Academic?

If you follow the following list of PTE exam eligibility, you can take the PTE test:

Age restriction – Minimum age limit 16 years; Test takers under the age of 18 require parental consent.

Academic Qualification – There is no clear minimum qualification; However, PTE Academic is primarily for anyone who wants to study undergraduate or postgraduate level courses.

Maximum attempt restriction – There is no restriction on the maximum number of attempts, but a 5-day interval between the two tests is required.

The importance of taking one-to-one PTE coaching

First of all, it is important to understand the importance of taking coaching for PTE practice. Second, there are better one-to-one advantages over group classes. In this blog, we will discuss why coaching from professionals is important as well as how one-to-one coaching benefits test takers. PTE can be prepared without classes; However, it takes a long time and test-takers may not realize their weakness during the preparation phase. The reason for being a PTE is that there are many applications in each part of the test. In addition, all of these applications will test you for skills in different languages. For example, if you discuss speech, examinees will be tested for pronunciation, fluency, and writing, including grammar, vocabulary, and writing structure. For reading and writing, different skill groups such as comprehensiveness, scanning, grammar and vocabulary are all essential. Therefore, mapping your skill groups and improving them individually takes time. In a coaching centre, students will find valuable guidance as the trainer can easily see what the language level and competency skills are in relation to PTE applications. Therefore, it is much easier to improve through external inspection and guidance than your preparation.

The second difficulty in mapping is how the test works, and which parts weigh more than the others. So, with the help of experts, you can easily get an idea about it, moreover, the teacher can show your ability and clearly guide you to focus on the tasks towards which More attention is needed. The focus and intensity of the training on the individual part depend on the student’s target score and language ability. Understanding the scoring, predictable qualifications and your qualification rating regarding the PTE exam will alleviate half the pain with the help of expert guidance.

Beyond simple guidance and assistance, the trial tutorials need to be adapted to individual needs. The reason for having a PTE is a language test, and primarily for international students (non-native speakers). Therefore, as is commonly discussed, the level of language, the ability to understand new language-based skills differs from person to person. For example, some students are good at writing, and some may be good at speaking. In this regard, normalizing training may not work for anyone. Even in writing, one’s writing skills are very different from those of other students. Therefore, tailored training, tailored to individual needs, is the best option. By watching students, trainers can apply ways to tune their skills in the most appropriate way. Some students will use complex vocabulary, and on the other hand, will be good at combining ideas using complex sentences, others will be able to effectively write their ideas with only simple lines. Based on this type of observation, trainers can prepare them to get better scores in both cases, most importantly, guide them to just take advantage of their strengths and overcome the small fall to achieve their desired score.

The second major benefit of one-to-one coaching is that trainers can evaluate you and tailor training to individuals. Again, the intensity and focus may vary depending on the goal score, this will help the student save preparation time and frustration. In addition, in one-on-one coaching, students have more opportunities to communicate because of the way they are individually designed. Whatever the case, the goal is to close the gaps, saving you time and energy.

Why are more test takers choosing PTE?

PTE is accepted for student and migration applications worldwide. In addition to its unbiased approach to testing, testing has many unique advantages.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) scoring means that your English language skills are assessed by an algorithm that mimics the score of human markers, based on a number of responses. This means that you are only graded according to what you say.

Fair scoring

When you take a PTE test, what you say is rated by AI against thousands of previous answers. This means that you are only graded according to what you say.

Flexible testing and fast results

Thanks to the use of market-leading technology, PTE offers excellent flexibility to all test takers. Test results are usually within just 48 hours of taking the test and in addition, PTE offers global testing at more than 350 test centres in more than 70 countries.

Send your score unlimited free time

PTE proudly gives all candidates the freedom to submit their scores to the institutions of their choice, without additional fees. This freedom gives you an even greater chance to achieve your dreams.

Unlimited acceptance for study and migration applications

PTE is accepted for study applications by thousands of academic programs around the world. It is also accepted for all UK, Australian and New Zealand student visa and migration applications.

What are the types of PTE exams?

Globally, there are three (3) types of PTE exams available:

PTE Academic Examination – To test the preparation for the use of the English language at the university level.

PTE General Exam – To test the readiness to use the international English language in the work environment and other general settings.

PTE Young Learner Exam – For children ages 7 to 12.

Of the three, the PTE Academic Exam is best known for its appeal to the global student community.

PTE exam preparation

For any reputed university, PTE score of 78 and above is mandatory. To get that level of expertise, you need to be prepared. PTE exam preparation is a broad topic and requires detailed discussion. We’ve selected a few steps to get started:

Start by knowing your strengths and weaknesses: Take a mock test. Your score in any of the popular PTE preparation mock tests will help you understand where you stand in terms of language preparation. Endless online sites are offering fake tests. Some of them are very realistic for PTE academic exams.

Your preparation time will depend on your score in the mock test; If it is above 70, then at least 2 weeks of intensive preparation is required. This means 10 hours every day for 2 weeks. Any of the following scores may require a long preparation period.

The next important thing is to use the right study material. Honestly, you can get a truckload of study material on the web. And parsing through all this is confusing. Much test-takers waste valuable preparation time looking for the right study material. Therefore, it is important to choose the right PTE exam books and study materials for effective preparation.

The PTE Academic Official Website offers practice tests as part of various prepaid packages. Take this test when you have completed your preparation. That way, it will be more practical and useful.


If you have been with us for so long then you are serious about your PTE exam. However, this article gives the list of Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Chandigarh. There are thousands of other things you need to know, learn, re-learn and perform in the fastest time – if you want a modest PTE score. Therefore, you should not be disappointed with the enormity of PTE. Any successful test taker will recommend it. Even so, at some point in history, Everest was unconquerable, and reaching the moon was out of the question.

We hope you like the list of Top 5 PTE Coaching Classes in Chandigarh. If any doubt regarding the list then you can contact us or you can also visit our website.

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