Top 5 Website Analysis Companies In Chandigarh

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Top 5 Website Analysis Companies In Chandigarh – Do you have a business in Chandigarh? Are you thinking of highlighting its presence online? Well, good ideas. In today’s time when everything is online, it is very important to promote your business on the internet. So, you are ready with your website design, content but what you lack is website developing skills. Well, don’t worry we are here to help you with the best Website Analysis Companies In Chandigarh.

Here are the Best Top 5 Website Analysis Companies In Chandigarh

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1st Out of Top 5 Website Analysis Companies In Chandigarh

Ink Web Solutions

Ink Web Solutions is leading Website Analysis Companies In Chandigarh. It is a creative web development company in Chandigarh with an amazing development team that creates custom web designs and e-commerce websites. Inc Web Solutions is one of the best and affordable web designing companies in Tricity.

The services offered here are up to date to meet the latest trends in the market. Since the first impression of the website helps in retaining the visitors, they always place a lot of emphasis on the website design.

Contact Detail Of  Ink Web Solutions

Address: SCO 58-59, 3rd Floor, Sector 34 A, Chandigarh, Punjab, India, 160022

Business Phone Number: 098154 55397

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2nd Out of Top 5 Website Analysis Companies In Chandigarh

Piegon Media Pvt. Ltd.

Pigeon Media Company provides the best web development services in Tricity to help people promote their business presence on the web. The company has a knowledgeable and efficient team that specializes in Web Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization, Affiliate Marketing, Pay Per Click, Web Hosting, and Social Media Optimization. The team here also conducts regular research to know all the changing trends.

These research assignments help them to devise techniques and strategies as per the appropriate project requirements. The company believes in working with its clients. Before proving the services to its customers, the company shows a demo of their work.

The company has designed and promoted countless websites to date and the number is increasing every day.

Contact Detail Of Piegon Media Pvt. Ltd. Chandigarh

Address: SCO-857, NAC Manimajra, Chandigarh, Punjab, India

Business Phone Number: 0172 463 3003

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3rd Out of Top 5 Website Analysis Companies In Chandigarh


NetGains has over 13 years of experience assisting organizations and helping customers sell their ideas. Here architects come from diverse backgrounds who help them interact, share their knowledge and work together to achieve a common goal.

Contact Detail Of NetGains

Address: Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park, Chandigarh, Punjab, India, 160101

Business Phone Number: 098765 97755

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4th Out of Top 5 Website Analysis Companies In Chandigarh


Seoraisers is one of the best companies in Chandigarh that provides affordable website design that is attractive, user friendly, and easy to navigate. They ensure that the content available on the website is relevant enough to retain and gain the trust of the customers. The developers of Seoraisers place a lot of emphasis on simple designs that are search engine friendly. They also focus on offering affordable web design and hosting services.

Contact Detail Of Seoraisers

Address: SCF 10, Top Floor, Phase -11, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab, India 160062

Business Phone Number: 094176 50038

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5th Out of Top 5 Website Analysis Companies In Chandigarh

Fresco Web Services

Fresco Web Services provides you with an attractive and functional website. They have skilled and experienced web developers who are available round the clock to provide you their best services. An innovative and proactive team of professionals will understand your requirement and provide you with a unique strategy to bring out the best for you. They create customized websites that are tailored to the vision and specifications of their customers that can help their business make an impact on web users.

Contact Detail of Fresco Web Services

Address: C-133, 4th Floor, Phase 8, Industrial Area, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab, India 160071

Business Phone Number: 0172 500 5535

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What are Website Analysis Companies?

Web analytics is the method of collecting, processing, and Analysis website data. With web analytics, we can see exactly how effective our marketing campaigns have been, find and improve problems with our online services, and build customer profiles to boost the profitability of advertising and sales efforts. Every successful business is based on its ability to understand and use the data provided by its customers, competitors, and partners.

Benefits of Web Analytics

Measure online traffic

Analytics will break down all sources of traffic and website conversions in an easily understandable way. Analyzing the data provided, a company will identify which activities generate the most profit for the bottom line. For example, we learned about the effects of ranking high on Google search on a niche online store through data. Analytics tracks how organic and paid traffic is evolving in real-time and will help a company invest its time and money more effectively.

Tracking Bounce Rate

When a website has a high bounce rate, it is hard to expect quality leads, sales, or any other business-related conversion from a website. Tracking and improving the user experience and ensuring that the content is exactly what the users want will reduce the bounce rate and increase the profitability of the website. Tracking the various exit pages from analytics will reveal the worst-performing pages in the business.

Optimizing and Tracking of Marketing Campaigns

For different marketing campaigns, online or offline unique and unique links can be created which can be tracked. Tracking these unique links will give you details on how these marketing campaigns have been received by users and if it has been profitable. By tracking everything possible, you’ll find campaigns with potentially exorbitant returns to invest more and cancel underperforming campaigns.

Finding the right target audience and capitalization

In marketing, it is important to find the right target audience for your products and services. A precise target group will improve the profitability of marketing campaigns and leave a positive impression on the company itself.

Web analytics will provide information for companies to create and find the right target audience. Finding an audience will help companies create marketing materials that leave a positive feeling for their customers. The right marketing campaigns for the right audience will drive sales, conversions, and improve the website.

Improves and Optimizes Website and Web Services

With web analytics, a company will find potential problems with its website and its services. For example, a poor and unclear sales funnel at an online store will reduce the number of purchases, thus resulting in a drop in revenue. Users should be getting the right content at the right time when they are on the site. Creating specific landing pages for various purposes can also help. Tracking the performance of mobile versions is an example of how to create a better user experience

Benefits of Hiring Website Analysis Companies

It doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with global companies or just under a start-up, web development has become a part of every business nowadays. Leveraging digital marketing is a great way to promote a brand and which is best enjoyed in the web world. You need to take special care of your brand through online visibility if necessary and if you want it to have the global exposure it deserves.

There are two options available when it comes to employing quality online visibility. Either to hire a web development company or to hire a full-time developer in your office. However, there are many advantages to hiring a web development company as compared to a professional developer. Some reasons to hire a company are

Know your visitors

You can use the IP address of your website visitors to identify their geographic information. By finding out where your visitors are located, you can target the appropriate areas. GatorLeads can help you identify who the company is and where they are located.

Take a look at your customer’s digital engagement and behavior, whether they’re on social media a lot, or responding to your email campaigns, or participating in your events and webinars. This then gives you visibility into which marketing channels you should use to find your next customer.


One of the advantages of hiring a website development company is that you are sure to get the final product on time. Project managers have to deliver the final product on time.They have amazing techniques to build good-quality websites and deliver them within the time limit. There is also the benefit of employee replacement which is that if an employee is sick or cannot work, managers replace the employee with another who has the same expertise as the previous one.

Use a personalized URL

Once your sales team knows who the key decision maker they need to contact us, and they have their email address, they can start tracking what they are interested in. This is where those pesky cookies come into play. Our personalized URL feature – known as PURLs – uses cookie technology to track individuals as they move around the website.

If each sales executive created a PURL and sent them in an email to each lead they had bought the email addresses for, they will be able to track more individual movements on your company’s website. It would allow them to tailor their sales pitches in a way they couldn’t before. It would allow your marketing team to know which pages on the website work best for attracting, engaging, and converting leads.

Use an IP lookup database

There are many companies out there that use public IP databases to see who is on their website. Think of these databases as one giant online post office. These databases know who each company is by its IP address (such as an online postcode).

Now, if you’ve been collecting IP addresses and email addresses like us for years, you’ll have a sufficiently private database to work with. In fact, you can access millions of company contact details, including the email addresses of their employees. If you don’t want to go through the laborious process of creating your own database, you can use an IP lookup tool like ours to purchase this contact data. With additional features, such as job titles and financial information, your sales team will know which individuals to follow immediately on your website.

Easy to deal with

It’s easier to work with as you interact with experienced project managers who keep their projects organized. Problems like missing deadlines to work on your online site will not be a problem for them. You will eternally get more than you think.

There will be quick and frequent updates and replies about the progress of the project as the manager will always be in touch with you. Hence, you can sit back and relax and leave your precious site in the hands of these professionals. They will help you if you want some documents or reports and even if you need to sign NDA. Once your project is done you can ask for changes and they will add them as you wish.


Web analytics is a very useful tool that not only helps you understand our audience but also helps you find business insights that may not be visible directly. No business can ignore analytics if they want to provide a great user experience to their visitors as well as get access to business insights. Here we made the list of Top 5 Website Analysis Companies In Chandigarh. For more Queries contact our website.

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