Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Mohali

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Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Mohali – The institutes we listed are training the students for the past 10 years in Basic computer courses in Mohali, Advanced Excel, Power BI, Power Query, Power Pivot, and VBA. The trainer here is Corporate Trainers and has successfully taught and helped them to crack the interviews of many PSU’s, the Banking industry, the Manufacturing Sector, and innumerable units. In this program, the students would work on a real-life project

The aim of them is to make everyone proficient at their work by reducing the time to handle the data by applying the techniques of Advanced Skill than doing it manually. They have trained the students not only from India but also from different parts of the world.

Basics Computer Training has the most powerful tools and techniques to learn such as Excel, yet simple spreadsheet software which helps in Data Analysis, Data Graphical Presentation with the help of various charts, Pivot Tables, Data models, etc. Not Only Basic Computer courses we are also specialists in C language coaching in Mohali and Java coaching in Mohali.

Find the course that suits you! Here we have found the list of Best Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Mohali. Check out:

Here are the Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Mohali

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1st out of the Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Mohali-

ThinkNEXT Technologies Private Limited

ThinkNEXT is the first and best choice to do a computer course in Mohali. They offer all computer courses here like PHP training, android training, java training, training, web design, web development, basic computer, and many more course options. You can choose the course you want. ThinkNEXT is one of the famous Computer Institute in Chandigarh to do computer training in Chandigarh, the instructors are very knowledgeable to provide quality training. If you are looking for the Best Computer Education Institute in Chandigarh then the best place to visit is ThinkNEXT.

Contact details of ThinkNEXT

Address –  SCF 113, Phase 11, sector 65, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab, 160062, India

Phone Number – 078374 01000, 078374 02000

Website –

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2nd out of the Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Mohali-

Hartron Skill Center

Established in 1988, Hartron Skill Center in Chandigarh is the number one player in the field of Computer Training Institutes in Chandigarh. This well-known Institute acts as a one-stop-shop to serve its trainees both locally and from other parts of Chandigarh. Over the course of their journey, their work has established a firm foothold in their field. It is an easy task in relocating to this establishment as there are various modes of transportation readily available. It is located in, Infront Of Drop In Restaurant, making it easy for first-time visitors to locate this property.

They are known to provide the best services in the following categories: Computer Training Institutes, Tally Training Institutes, Computer Training Institutes for MS Excel, Computer Training Institutes for Basics, Computer Training Institutes for PHP, Computer Training Institutes for Programming Languages, Computer Training Government Recognized Institutes, Computer Training Institutes For C++ Programming.

Contact details of Hartron Skill Center

Address – SCO 80, 81, 82 Basement, Chandigarh Sector 34a, Chandigarh – 160034, Infront Of Drop In Restaurant, Punjab, India

Phone Number – +91 98140 88145, 0172 461 6556

Website –

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3rd out of the Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Mohali-

Digital Chandigarh

Digital Chandigarh offers some effective and useful computer courses after 12th in Mohali, which will help you to make your future secure. Whether you are fresher or want to gain more knowledge, we are always ready to welcome you. You can join courses for 3 to 6 months to gain experience in the chosen area. If you are not interested in spending 6 months on a particular course, you can take it for 1-2 months.

If you have completed 10+2 and are not familiar with PC, the near future may be difficult for you. Digital Chandigarh offers short-term computer courses in Mohali and professional core courses in Mohali. After completing 12th grade or graduating, you get some free time. You can make use of that time by doing some professional computer courses in Mohali.

Contact details of Digital Chandigarh

Address –  Phase 5, Mohali, Punjab, India

Phone Number – 8968449099

Visit Website –

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4th out of the Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Mohali-

Excellence Technology

Excellence Technology offers computer courses in Chandigarh for all beginners, at present, the computer is the basic necessity of everything, without computer knowledge we will not be able to access the internet either. Because the internet is the most prevalent thing nowadays.

Excellence Technology is training students and freshers and transforms them into experts. They are a leading custom development and software outsourcing agency since 2013. Their company focuses on the development of customized software applications and offshore software outsourcing facilities. Excellence Technology is also an excellent Training company based in Mohali providing International Certifications.

Contact details of Excellence Technology

Address – C-133, First Floor, Industrial Area, Sector 72, Phase 8, Mohali, Punjab 160071, India

Phone Number – 0172-4788822, +91 9317788822, +91 9356255522

Website –

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5th out of the Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Mohali-

Best Coaching Centre

Best Coaching Centre is one of the best computer training institutes in Mohali with 100% placement support. They have well-defined modules and training sessions for students. At Best Coaching Centre, computer training is conducted during day classes, weekend classes, evening group classes, and express training classes.

At this Computer training center at Mohali, lessons are conducted by dedicated corporate professionals with over 7 years of experience managing real-time networking projects Best Coaching Centre implements a combination of academic learning and practical sessions to give the student optimum exposure that helps transform gullible students into meticulous professionals Easily employed in the industry.

Contact Details of Best Coaching Centre

Address: Phase 7, SCF 91, Top Floor, Mohali, Punjab, India

Phone Number: 8437773335

Visit Website

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What is Computer Basics Training?

A computer is an electronic device that receives input, stores or processes the input according to the user’s instructions, and provides the output in the required format. Computers have become an integral part of our lives because they can frequently accomplish easy tasks without getting bored and complex tasks frequently without making mistakes. The study of Computers from a recognized Institute will be known as the Computer Basics Training. In this Training, you will get to know about elements of Computer and some functions of MS Excel, MS Word, MS Paint, MS PowerPoint, and Notepad are also involved.

In the above-mentioned Top 5 Basic Computer Training Institutes in Mohali, you can learn Computer Basics, but if you want to learn more than basics such as advanced excel or advanced computer course. They provide advanced training also.

The Importance of Computer Training in the Workplace

Training and experience

Training in basic computer skills can greatly affect how quickly a new employee picks up the specific applications unique to your business. For someone inexperienced in using a computer, a computer can be an annoying and unfamiliar device, and the constant fear of causing some catastrophic mistakes can make it hard to feel at home at the keyboard. Training new employees in computer skills will make sure that everyone has the basic knowledge they need to run their business, and can help new employees with computer skills become familiar with your specific business systems.


Studies have shown that computers boost productivity, but these enhancements can only be achieved if employees are comfortable and experienced with the systems. According to the Foundation for Information Technology and Innovation, an investment in technology results in productivity gains three to five times greater than other investments by allowing employees to have better access to the information they need to do their jobs. Ensuring your employees are trained and familiar with computers will help them spend less time tracking that information and more time using it to perform the critical tasks of your business.

Computer security

Providing your employees with some basic computer knowledge can also help you avoid problems. Malware and hackers often rely on user error or ignorance of common traps to gain access to a system, and training your employees on how to avoid these errors can greatly enhance the security of your online business. A simple course on how to spot phishing attempts, in which a user or website uses deception to extract data from unconscious employees, could mean the difference between keeping your company’s network secure and losing vital data to an outsider.


Computer technology facilitates business communication. Employees can exchange information without leaving their desks through instant messaging and email. These techniques provide a written communication record, making them ideal for formal speech that may need to be referred to later. In addition, these technologies make it cost-effective to communicate with people over long distances, while long-distance telephone or letter communication can be costly. This ability helps companies break into international markets that were not viable before computer technology.

Small Business Benefits

Computer technologies can increase your company’s presence in the marketplace by providing small businesses with cost-effective marketing and production tools. Inexpensive social media and graphic design software mean that while successful marketing is still a skilled task, effective global marketing campaigns no longer need to cost millions of dollars to implement. Additionally, specialized software can help small business users perform many corporate roles simultaneously. For example, a business owner might use accounting software instead of hiring an outside accountant.

Being online

Even if your shop is in a busy area and many of your customers come from foot traffic, online advertising can be an effective way to attract new customers. Even a simple website can provide valuable information to customers looking for your business, while more engaged social media campaigns can quickly spread the word about your coffee shop through the social networks of satisfied customers. Incorporating computer tasks such as posting content on social media into your coffee shop operation can increase the effectiveness of online marketing and give employees something to do during their downtime.

The importance of computer skills

As companies become increasingly dependent on digital tools, employers often prefer candidates who can operate these tools. Knowing computer basics is important for the following reasons:

  1. Promotes Effective Ways of Working: Knowing the basics helps you simplify your daily tasks. This allows you more time to focus on other areas of your job role. For example, a graphic designer can create a flyer design using illustration software.
  2. Simplifies Communication: Being able to use the core technology required for your job role makes it easy to work with stakeholders, team members, and clients. You can easily connect and share information with them using communication tools.
  3. Helps career advancement: Being able to use computer tools relevant to your work allows you to work on more difficult projects and helps you get a job faster than candidates who lack these skills. For example, a graduate with experience using website analytics is more likely to be hired faster than someone who has no experience with this tool.


So, in the end, I can say that you can start computer-related or other business by learning basic computer and digital content creation skills. There are lots of ideas/guides based on my personal experiences. The Above-mentioned Institutes can help you out in learning Computer Basics and other courses related to computers.

For any other information, you can ask me in the comment section. :)

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