Top 5 Salsa Dance Classes in Mohali

Top 5 Salsa Dance Classes in Mohali – In Spanish, salsa means sauce and in this case, the sauce can be hot and spicy!

As in the case with many dances, the creation of the dance followed the creation of the music. New Yorkers of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent are attributed as the explorers of salsa music – music that increased from mambo and Cuban boy roots. At the point of the arrival of salsa music in New York while 1960, mambo dance was then very general and it is not shocking that as the dance improved, a basic move in salsa dance is the mambo basic.

Salsa soon became popular in Puerto Rica, Cuba, and Colombia. In each of these countries, music associated with salsa was already in vogue. He also had links with Puerto Rican, Cuban and Colombian communities in New York. Soon, each of these countries developed its own brand of salsa music and dance. Equal time, the fame of salsa music and dance that grew to North America and the West Coast of North America led to the growth of its own dance of salsa dance.

Here are the Top 5 Salsa Dance Classes in Mohali

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1st Out of Top 5 Salsa Dance Classes in Mohali

Oracles Dance Studio

Established in the year 2018, Oracle Dance Studio in Mohali Sector 70, Mohali is one of the respected academies for dance. A team of professionals trains a huge number of students in a type of dance form. The school also plays an important role in organizing many events which are followed by fests that have stage shows. Easily locate this center near The Colourist, Mohali, at SCO No 538 on the top floor. Undoubtedly this is one of the best Dance Classes in Mohali Sector 70, Mohali.

Contact Details of Oracles Dance Studio

Address – SCO No. 538, Sector 70, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar Mohali, Punjab, India 160071

Business Phone Number – 098762 62055

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2nd Out of Top 5 Salsa Dance Classes in Mohali

Champions Dance Academy

Champion is the best dance academy in Mohali. Champion facilitates your kids to dance. Please visit the Academy for the dance needs of your children.

Champions Dance Academy in Mohali, Chandigarh. Invented in the year 2001, Champions Dance Academy in, Mohali, is one of the valued academies for dance. A team of teachers trains a big number of students in a variety of dance classes. The school also plays an important role in organizing many events which are followed by fests that have stage shows. Easily locate this center near Gian Jyoti School, S.C.F-27 Top Floor Phase 2 in Mohali. Undoubtedly this is one of the best Dance Classes near Gyan Jyoti School, Mohali, Chandigarh.

Contact Details of Champions Dance Academy

Address – 160055, Gian Jyoti Rd, Phase 2, Sector 54, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 160055

Business Phone Number – 98157 428223

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3rd Out of Top 5 Salsa Dance Classes in Mohali

Groove You Dance Studio

Groove You Dance Studio, dance, and music are a big role of every Indian wedding, after all, we have an event blessed just to dance to the song. Groove You is a choreographer from Dance Studio Chandigarh. They can choreograph all kinds of performances ranging from bride and groom entries, family performances, and more. His clients describe him as a sensible and flexible choreographer. Contact them if you are looking for someone to make your performance memorable. Services Offered: Backup Dancer Props

Contact Details of Groove You Dance Studio

Address – Sco 146-148, Main road, 43B, Chandigarh, Punjab, India 160043

Business Phone Number – 98783 38886

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4th Out of Top 5 Salsa Dance Classes in Mohali

Step 2 Step Dance Studio

Step 2 Step Dance Studio (S2SDS) brings to you an exciting opportunity to nurture your passion for dance as we celebrate all dance forms including Western Dance, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Bhangra, Locking-n-Popping, Party Dance, Bollywood Offers professional training in dance, belly dance, salsa, cha-cha-cha, b-boying, aerobics, semi-classical, contemporary and folk dance. Step2Step Dance Studio is located at various locations in Tricity (Chandigarh & Mohali).

Our dance instructors are specialized in their field and aim to provide the best possible services to the clients. STEP2STEP Dance Studio has gained immense popularity in Direction/Choreography for Wedding Ceremonies, Music Functions, Corporate Events, and also in Annual Functions/Cultural Events of Schools/Colleges/Institutions.

We have also contributed to a wide range of dance shows, competitions, and cultural events. We organize special dance workshops for those who want to bring a spark to their holidays and make them come alive. Dance classes are for everyone, regardless of age. So come join us and prepare yourself for any music anywhere.

Contact Details of Step 2 Step Dance Studio

Address – SCF 37 Top Floor Phase 3B2 Sector 60, Mohali Punjab 160060 Above Yes Bank, Opposite Rose Garden, near Katani Sweets, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab, India 160060

Business Phone Number – 097801 16191

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5th Out of Top 5 Salsa Dance Classes in Mohali

M2 Max Muscle

M2 Max Muscle in Sector 70 conducts classes for various dance forms including Bollywood, B-boying, Hip-Hop, Locking Popping, Zumba, Kathak, Salsa, Contemporary, and Hula Hoop. For almost all age groups, this dance studio has special batches for kids. One can take advantage of professional choreography for events such as weddings, corporate events, school functions, and college celebrations. Cash, Paytm, Card on Delivery, Debit Card, Credit Card are accepted. operating on all days,

Contact Details of M2 Max Muscle

Address – SCO 531 FIRST FLOOR, MAIN MARKET SECTOR 70 MOHALI, Sector 70, Chandigarh Punjab, India 160071,

Business Phone Number – 090508 00505

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Benefits of Salsa Dance

Burn calories and boost metabolism.

Everybody wants to roast calories and even if we start dancing slowly by getting the technique, eventually salsa dance enhances a great workout that can heat up to 600 calories per hour. And it’s much more interesting than going on a treadmill. The key is to be patient, learn your basic moves, and wear comfortable dance shoes. I guarantee you won’t be looking at the clock like your exercise machine. Over time you will build physical stamina and boost your metabolism which helps burn those calories and stabilize your weight. You will eventually achieve the long-term results you have been dreaming of.

Mind-body-mood exercise.

When you’re dancing salsa, you focus so much on your body movements and the music. You are fully engaged in the moment, so it really is a mind-body exercise. Salsa is never boring. You stay mentally alert and on your toes at all times and this puts you in a good mood! Salsa dancing also trains you to be a better listener. With time and practice, you develop the salsa groove, plus proper ear training, a certain feel for music.

Reverse the aging process.

Salsa dancing provides you the cardio your soul needs, improves circulation, and improves respiration. It strengthens a kind of muscles and bones and keeps your joints soft. And all this together gives you the dancer glow! With Salsa Dance, you can have fun and not worry about aging!

Improve balance, coordination, and posture.

The key step in salsa dancing that helps us with our balance and coordination is a simple twist. Once you master the technique things get interesting. The secret is patience, practice, a point of focus, good shoes, trial and error. Before you know it, you’ve finished the dancer’s posture, you’re looking up, directing straight ahead, and turning like a top!

Improve your social life.

Whether it’s your 1st class or your 1st salsa nighttime out, every salsa dancer knows they come from a very special and friendly community. Really the greatest salsa classes and group dances are those where other students and teachers greet you and feel happy to be there. It is an environment where students help each other learn. You force to feel a little afraid at your first class or your first social dance, though our information at Josie’s International School of Dance is: “Never give up! The person sitting next to you is probably in the same shoes as you!”

A career in Dance in India

Dance is an inherent part of our culture and tradition. Dance is basically divided into two categories:

  • Theatrical dance
  • Participatory dance

Basically, these two types of dance are not always completely separate: they have their own special functions, which are social, martial, sacred, competitive, religious, or ceremonial. Other forms of dance qualities are figure skating, cheerleading, synchronized swimming, martial arts gymnastics, and many other types of athletics.


Dance is the presentation of skill and knowledge utilizing instruction and teaching or to appropriate such ability and proficiency through inquiry. We see that dance is a few Indian festivals. In India, without joining hands and feet in ceremonies, the ceremony is not considered complete.

There are many classical and folk dances in India. These dances represent parts of India and adopt the shadow and weaving of that region. In India, dance is mainly divided into two parts; Classical and Folk Dance. A few of the popular classical dances of India are as regards.

  • Bharatnatyam of Tamil Nadu
  • Odyssey of Orissa
  • Kathakali of Kerala
  • Kuchipudi of Andhra Pradesh
  • Kathak of Lucknow and Jaipur
  • Manipuri of Manipur etc.

Dance Career Roles

If you want to make a career in dancing, you should enjoy the movement of your feet, soles, and whole body. Once you start, the rhythm will improve with training and guidance. Nowadays, you can start your career as a dancer at the age of 5 to 6 years. You can learn to dance from any dance teacher, choreographer, or assistant. The primary demand for dance training is 10+2. However, for the postgraduate up-gradation flow, graduation in the subject is mandatory.

Time for Courses

Certificate courses in dancing can range from 6 months to a year. The graduation or bachelor course in dancing can be of 3-4 years and the diploma or postgraduate course is done in two years. Apart from your passion for dance, a creative mind, versatility, knowledge of rhythm, poise, inclusiveness in stage presence are some of the basic skills you need to pursue courses in dance.

Career Roles

Choreography: Choreography refers to the choreography, classification of dancers, and the beginning of the sequence of dances. For this particular role, dancers with strange creative powers are required along with the skill to articulate music in the context of dance. Mainly choreographers work on stage, in films, for television and video music shows.

Teaching: In teaching, is the capacity required for teaching, enterprise, and thought. A dance teacher should know the empirical and conceptual aspects of dance.


You can start your career as a Junior Assistant or start your own dancing class. If you work as an associate then the salary can be around 5k to 10k per month. Once you have made a name for yourself in the industry, you will have ample opportunities to knock on your door. Apart from this, you can always get a chance to do stage and TV shows.


Before we cover it up, we would like to suggest to our readers that dance cannot be learned by force and the passion for dancing is the most important tool to awaken your destiny. In this regard, if you want Top 5 Salsa Dance Classes in Mohali then this should make your  name and fame in this field and you can get a chance to perform in stage, in films, or in any live show.

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