Top 5 MBBS Colleges in Punjab

Top 5 MBBS Colleges in Punjab – Aspiring doctors always want to study from top MBBS colleges in India. As they know, studying from the best MBBS colleges in Punjab will be very beneficial on various factors.

The quality of education, as well as practical training, is highly concentrated in the list of MBBS colleges in Punjab. After graduating from MBBS colleges in Punjab, students can choose higher education or postgraduate/doctoral courses such as the Doctor of Medicine (MD) course and Master of Surgery (MS) course.

Here are the best Top 5 MBBS Colleges in Punjab

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1st out of Top 5 MBBS Colleges in Punjab

DMCH Ludhiana – Dayanand Medical College and Hospital

Dayanand Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) is a tertiary teaching hospital with 1326 beds (800 teaching beds) in Northern India, Punjab, India. The institute has an impressive complex of modern buildings and is equipped with all kinds of modern facilities for better patient care and training of undergraduate and postgraduate students. All clinical departments, along with diagnostic laboratories, provide 24-hour service on campus.

Inspired by a dedicated personality, Dr Banarasi Das Soni, former IMS captain with a missionary passion for medical education and patient care, envisioned the noble idea of providing much needed medical care to the general public. It flourished as Arya Medical School in 1934, started in a rented building in Civil Lines Ludhiana.

Contact Details of DMCH Ludhiana – Dayanand Medical College and Hospital

Address: Civil Lines, Tagore Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab, India 141001

College Phone Number: 0161 468 8800

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2nd out of Top 5 MBBS Colleges in Punjab

Christian Medical College, Ludhiana

Christian Medical College, Ludhiana was established by the minority Christian community in 1999 as a Christian educational and research institution. The College is managed by the Christian Medical College Ludhiana Society (Reg.) Of Christian Churches and Christian Agencies. This institute is affiliated with Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, Faridkot, Punjab, Ludhiana. Christian Medical College, Ludhiana offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses to students.

Christian Medical College, Ludhiana is located at CM Road Campus, Ludhiana. Ludhiana Junction Railway Station is about 2 km from College. Ludhiana Airport is about 13 km away and ISBT is about 6 km away from Ludhiana College. Candidates can hire a taxi or auto-rickshaw to reach the institution.

Contact Details of Christian Medical College, Ludhiana

Address: Brown Rd, CMC Campus, Ludhiana, Punjab, India 141008

College Phone Number: 0161 211 5000

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3rd out of Top 5 MBBS Colleges in Punjab

Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences, Jalandhar

With an area of ​​over 55 acres, the Punjab University of Medical Sciences (PIMS), located in the heart of Jalandhar, the most vibrant city of Punjab, was envisioned by the Government of Jalandhar. Punjab (GOP) in 1999 was the first medical college and teaching hospital in the Doaba region. PIMS was conceived by the PIMS Society, PIMS Medical and Education Charitable Society, Department of Medical Education and Research and GOP under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model to provide state-of-the-art facilities, state-of-the-art medical education and state-of-the-art facilities.

PIMS, a leading tertiary care teaching hospital, combines medical expertise with advanced facilities aimed at providing generous care and guidance to patients. At the same time, with committed faculty, modern classrooms, lecture theatres, labs, museums, a large central library and a computer centre with the latest technology, the best values ​​in the pursuit of their knowledge in the institution undergraduates. And seeks to cultivate ethics. In addition, as a centre of excellence, PIMS not only focuses on turning students into professionals but also serves the community through various charitable endeavours such as organizing medical camps and checkups in areas deprived of medical facilities.

Contact Details of Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences, Jalandhar

Address: Garha Rd, Model House, Jalandhar, Punjab, India 144006

College Phone Number: 0181 660 6000

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4th out of Top 5 MBBS Colleges in Punjab

Adesh Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Bathinda

Aadesh University, Bathinda, Leading Academic and Research Efforts of Aadesh Foundation in the field of Health Care, Medical and Technical Education, Act No. in the State of Punjab in July 2012. Notified under Gazette (Extraordinary) of Punjab Government on July 10, 2012, under Punjab Private Universities Policy 2010 6. Under the Punjab Government’s 2012 Societies Registration Act XXI, 1860, a developed area of ​​South Punjab. In Muktsar Sahib, with the aims and objectives of service to humanity in the field of health care as well as medical, paramedical and technical education.

Contact Details of Adesh Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Bathinda

Address: Barnala Bypass, Bathinda, Punjab, India 151109

College Phone Number: 093023 93023

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5th out of Top 5 MBBS Colleges in Punjab

Gian Sagar Medical College and Hospital, Banur

The Gian Sagar Educational and Charitable Trust was set up to cater to the needs of the poor and needy patients whose diseases are fatal and there is no source of funds to get rid of those diseases. It is an authentic testimony to his life of courage, inspiration and hard work. His passion, dedication and infinite energy motivated us for this collective effort.

With his blessings, Gian Sagar Institutions has earned a reputation for providing a golden work environment with world-class infrastructure, state-of-the-art equipment, highly qualified and qualified professionals and team spirit.

Since our inception, we have been setting a track record based on quality facilities. We are fully aware of the opportunities and demands that modern education brings. In this way, the scope and breadth of academic programs are being widened. Gian Sagar Hospital brings together some of the most talented medical professionals with the best technology and working environment to ensure the highest standards of patient care at affordable prices.

Contact Details of Gian Sagar Medical College and Hospital, Banur

Address: Ram Nagar, Banur, National Highway 64, Jansla, Patiala, Punjab, India 140506

College Phone Number: 01762 520 000

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MBBS course details

Here are some details about the MBBS course that will help students understand why they need to study this course and how it can help them build a promising and empowering career.

  • If one wants to pursue a career as a Certified Medical Practitioner, he/she will need an MBBS degree
  • It is the most important bachelor’s degree in medical science and the only valid degree required to become a doctor.
  • The syllabus for the MBBS course includes studies in physiology, pharmacology, pathology as well as community health and medicine, paediatrics and surgery.
  • Career specialities for MBBS students are Nephrology, Cardiology, Gynecology, Anesthesiology, Organ Transplant, Endocrine and General Surgery, etc.

Types of MBBS

BMBS is a professional undergraduate degree in the field of surgery and medicine, offered by medical colleges and universities. However, as the name implies, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery are two different degrees but merge into one discipline and are presented together in practice. The length of the MBBS degree includes internships, and the degree is five to six years. Candidates who need to study Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English at 10 + 2 level are eligible to apply for this program. An MBBS degree is a graduate degree for candidates who are pursuing their goal of becoming a doctor. The Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree is one of the best professional degrees in science and medicine. The duration of the MBBS course is five years and a one-year internship in non-profit organizations, medical centres and rehabilitation centres.

MBBS qualification

Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements for a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (BMBS) or MBBS degree. Candidates should also be aware of the basic requirements for obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and a Bachelor’s degree in Surgery, including an understanding of the course. These are the required qualification requirements that students must follow to get MBBS admission:

  • Minimum score criteria may vary, however, in the Intermediate Test, general applicants should have scored at least 50 percent.
  • The minimum age required to register for the MBBS program is 17 years.
  • Applicants must pass the required entrance test for admission.
  • Applicants must have at least 10 + 2 with the required subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • The minimum percentage for eligible candidates in the reserved category is 40 percent.
  • The maximum age limit for applying for the MBBS program is 25 years

MBBS Admission

There are many ways to enrol students in the MBBS program offered by various institutions and schools. In the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery programs, educational institutions use different methods to admit applicants. To obtain an MBBS degree, applicants must carefully follow the various strategies from which they should obtain university admissions. The various ways in which candidates can apply for this degree are described below.

Entrance Tests: The most common way to approve candidates is through entrance exams used by colleges and universities. Students seeking a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (BMBS or MBBS) degree sit for various entrance exams. The results obtained in these examinations allow students to apply to the top universities offering such degrees.

Merit-Based: These courses include colleges and universities which offer admission to the candidates on the basis of marks obtained in 10 + 2. But the number of these colleges is very small and an entrance test is mandatory for this special degree.

Advantages of studying MBBS

Studying MBBS is a dream come true for most students in India. From an early age, parents, teachers and influential people in Indian society recommend studying engineering or medicine. If there are two children in a household, it is likely that one will be an engineer and the other a doctor. This is the dream of most Indian parents. Although there has been a huge increase in engineering seats over the years, this is not the case with MBBS.

Use of English language

To attract international students, many colleges and universities use English as the primary language of instruction and communication in medical universities abroad. This again serves as a benefit in attracting international and Indian students. However, applicants should note that it is always an added bonus to be proficient in the local language.

Better ROI

The cost of doing MBBS abroad is equal to or less than that of private universities in India. Upon successful completion of their course, students are allowed to practice in the host country. This gives them a chance to make big money and thus get good returns on long term investments.

Maximum number of seats

Due to a limited number of government medical seats in India and high tuition fees in private universities, many aspirants are unable to fulfill their dream of studying MBBS in India. However, international universities can join this student body by keeping their tuition fees low, raising education standards, and providing a larger number of seats than most of their official counterparts in India.

Scholarships and financial aid

To promote the healthy flow of students coming abroad for medical studies, universities and institutes have announced a number of scholarships and financial grants to encourage students to pursue MBBS studies abroad. Students can view a list of scholarships available to them to study MBBS abroad.

What after MBBS? – Other Opportunities

Government jobs in health services departments

MBBS graduates can be recruited in government job profiles in central and state health care departments. The largest selection of job opportunities in the Central Government is done by the Joint Medical Services (CMS). UPSC conducts CMS for the recruitment of doctors in various central government agencies such as railways, municipal corporations, government hospitals and dispensaries. Jobs are permanent and later offer administrative work in government health services. There are also a number of state-healthcare examinations that offer job opportunities to Medico within the respective states.

Defense Services: Jobs in the Army, Navy and Air Force

Defense services are not just for engineers or other graduates, they are equally possible and in demand in medicine. The Indian Ministry of Defense has recruited MBBS graduates for infantry units, army hospitals and emergency services. Such doctors recruited by the Ministry are trained in military camps and assigned to permanent posts. This is done to help them work with Army personnel and understand emergencies where the Army and other defense personnel come forward to provide relief efforts.

Employment in hospital chains

Hospital chains operating in the private sector offer great opportunities to doctors who have just completed their MBBS degree and have not yet decided what to do next. The best hospitals in the above category are Chain Apollo Hospital, Fortis Hospital and Max Hospital. In addition, they pay a hefty salary to the doctors they work with.

Opportunities in research and academia

For those interested in research, pursuing it and joining academia for training and mentoring emerging medical professionals is a very satisfying option. Leading pharmacy ceutical tackle firms provide MBBS graduates with lucrative opportunities in their research and development units. Not only this, AIIMS, PGIMER, JIPMER, Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCM) are also conducting research.

A career in Health Administration / Hospital Management

Medicos with management skills can choose hospital management career options to enhance their knowledge of medicine as well as their inclination towards management roles. It is a well-known fact that if the day to day services in hospitals are well managed, their services become more organized and functional. There are many hospitals that hire doctors in managerial roles where they feel fit. There is a great need for doctors who can understand problem areas, deal with challenges and find ways to improve the efficiency of procedures and administration. Typically, these roles are offered to physicians who have completed an additional management program after their MBBS degree. Master-level programs such as health administration and hospital management provide physicians with critical skills for managing multi-speciality hospitals, specialized clinics, and insurance companies.

Biomedical engineering and science

Another special area where pharmacists who are interested in machines and their methods can try their luck in developing machines and devices for use in health services. The aim of such courses is to develop engineering strategies to advance research in the medical field to improve the health sector and patient care.

Self-employment through private practice / public health

The most preferred course for MBBS aspirants is to set up a clinic or practise medicine in a private firm. However, it is said to be easier said than done, as it comes with a lot of challenges. This option is being chosen by medical graduates to gain far-reaching experience and make money.


Here we list the Top 5 MBBS Colleges in Punjab with the best locations in Punjab with the best education. It’s easier to make good decisions when there are no bad choices. Although there are many opportunities in terms of post-MBBS courses, there is also a diverse list of opportunities in the form of employment in different fields. Healthcare is an important sector that is growing rapidly thus meeting the huge need for qualified professionals. If any doubt regarding MBBS and mentioned Top 5 MBBS Colleges in Punjab please contact us and visit our official website

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